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National Ministry of agriculture and rural areas environmental health insecticide designated enterprises
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Corporate culture
Nanjing Ronch

Business norms: integrity, dedication, innovation, development

Nanjing Ronch is a large collective, and each of us needs to work hard for the enterprise, work honestly and trustworthy, and cannot lose the credibility of the enterprise; work hard and dedicated, complete their tasks efficiently; insisting on independent innovation is our advantage. ; The development of the enterprise is the goal of each of us.



Talent concept: all rivers and rivers, gathering essence

Excellent talents are the basis for achieving the strategic goals of the enterprise and the driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise. Nanjing Ronch adheres to the concept of "people-oriented career, people-oriented development, opportunity for talents, stage for talents, incentive for talents", and Nanjing Ronch has become a talent gathering place.


Entrepreneurship: people do their best and dare to innovate

Although there are no absolutely excellent people in the world, everyone who comes to Nanjing Ronch, without exception, has realized their potential outside of themselves, dare to challenge the tradition, stimulate the thinking in an innovative way, and accelerate the speed of enterprise development , To engrave its own brand for the progress of the enterprise.


Quality policy: Quality is the life of an enterprise

What Nanjing Ronch impresses our customers is our high-quality products, which allow customers to use it with peace of mind. Customers are willing to buy our products to give us trust, and we will also show this trust through the products. The so-called quality assurance is actually the responsibility and obligation of every honorable person.



Development Goal: Revitalizing National Industry

Nanjing Ronch has always insisted on revitalizing the national industry as its own responsibility, insisting on independent innovation, striving to shape the brand value, and serving the agriculture and public environmental health industry, hoping to do our part in the development of national industry, so that one day a breakthrough .


Nanjing Ronch
Nanjing Ronch
Nanjing Ronch

Nanjing Ronch 


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