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Surgery (6% cannicarb + 4% high chloride SC)

Product specification:18g*5pcs/box*50box/carton, 500g*20 bottles
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Pesticide temporary registration certificate number: WP20090250
Pesticide production license number: Pesticide Health Xu (Su) 0140
Product standard number: Q/320114RC015-2020
High Chlorine
Total active ingredient content: 10%
Dosage form: suspending agent Low toxicity
High cypermethrin content: 4% Cannibalism content: 6%    


Control target

Preparation dosage



Mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches

0.5-1 g/m2

Stagnation spray

This product is mixed with clear water 50-100 times. After mixing with water, it is evenly sprayed on the walls, the back of the cabinet, the floor, the room beams and other pest activities and hidden places. The amount of spraying is appropriate when the surface of the object is wet without flowing.

Product performance (use):
This product is a hygienic insecticide compounded with pyrethroids and carbamates. It is suitable for use in homes, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, schools, factories, and other places to prevent and control sanitary pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches.
1. Avoid spraying on pets, barns, crops (mulberry) or power supply. Do not contaminate the surface of food, grain, food processing equipment or food containers when spraying. 2. Please wear protective clothing, protective clothing, masks, gloves, eye masks, etc. when spraying, and wash in time after spraying Expose the skin and change clothing, and after application, thoroughly wash potentially contaminated utensils. If the treatment site is higher than the top of the head, cover the lower part with plastic cloth or other similar materials for protection. 3. Before the treatment area dries, children, pets or other unprotected persons are prohibited from entering the treatment area. 4. This product is only used indoors, banned in and near the silkworm rearing room. 5. The used containers should be disposed of properly and cannot be discarded or used for other purposes. 6. Pregnant women, lactating women and allergy sufferers are prohibited. Please consult a doctor in time for any adverse reactions during use.
First aid for poisoning:
This product has no specific antidote. If the skin touches your skin, wash it thoroughly with soapy water or clean water; if it splashes into your eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of clean water; if you swallow it, take the medicine package and seek medical treatment immediately.
Storage and transportation:
Handle the product with care when handling it, and violent impact, sunlight, heavy pressure, moisture, and waterproof are strictly prohibited. Products should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated and dark place; keep out of reach of children, away from children, and can not be stored and transported with food, beverages, seeds, grain, feed or flammable and explosive products.
Net content: 1000g    
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