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Chuangweixin (1.2% high chlorine + 0.3% dextran HCN)

Product specification:5L*4 barrels/carton
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Pesticide registration certificate number: WP20180104
Pesticide production license number: Pesticide Health Xu (Su) 0140
Product standard number: Q/320114RC059-2020
Hot cockroach
Total active ingredient content: 1.5%
Dosage form: hot spray
Low toxicity
High effective cypermethrin content: 1.2%
Dextromethrin content: 0.3%


Control target

Preparation dosage


1.5-2ml/cubic meter
Hot fog machine spray
This product needs to be sprayed with a hot fog machine, without dilution, and the medicament is sprayed directly into the medicine box; the spray is heated in a relatively closed space, and the high temperature and high speed airflow of the hot fog machine is atomized into thick smoke, which is evenly suspended and diffused to the relative The closed space can effectively control cockroaches.
Product performance (use):
This product is processed by pyrethroid hygienic insecticide and has the function of contact killing and stomach poisoning, and has a control effect on cockroaches (cockroaches) in relatively closed spaces such as warehouses and underground pipes.
1. Do not contaminate the surface of food, grain, food processing equipment or food containers during spraying.
2. Please wear protective clothing, protective clothing, masks, gloves, eye masks, etc. when spraying. Wash the exposed skin and replace the clothes in time after spraying, and thoroughly clean potentially contaminated utensils after spraying.
3. Ventilate 1 hour after the medicine. Only fully ventilated pets and unprotected persons can enter the treatment area.
4. This product is toxic to bees, fish and silkworms. It is forbidden to clean pesticide application equipment in rivers and other waters.
5. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women and allergy sufferers are prohibited. Please consult a doctor in time for any adverse reactions during use.
6. The used containers should be disposed of properly, and cannot be used for other purposes, nor can they be discarded at will. This product is for indoor use only.
First aid for poisoning:
This product is irritating to the skin and if the drug solution contaminates the skin and eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and consult a doctor. There is no special antidote for this product. If you inhale it by accident, please immediately transfer it to a place with fresh air and seek medical treatment in a timely manner. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, gargle and seek medical attention immediately.
Storage and transportation:
This product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated and dark place, and away from fire and heat sources. Keep out of reach of children and pets, and lock. When transporting, please prevent rain and high temperature, and take care not to damage the packaging. Do not store and transport with other commodities such as food, beverages, seeds, feed, grain, etc.
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