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Pride (2.5% imidacloprid gum bait)

Product specification:5g*200 boxes, 10g*100 boxes, 20g*50 boxes
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Pesticide registration certificate number: WP20170053
Pesticide production license number: Pesticide Health Xu (Su) 0140
Product standard number: Q/320114RC056-2020
Cockroach glue bait
Imidacloprid content: 2.5%
Dosage form: plastic bait
Slightly toxic


Control target

Dosage of active ingredient


Sanitation (indoor)



1. This product is spot-injected by injection and applied to areas where cockroaches often infest and reproduce, such as gaps, corners, holes, etc. 2. 40-50 points can be evenly distributed every 10 grams, with a distance of about 10 cm between each point.
3. Adopt a multi-point and wide-ranging method.
Product performance (use):
This product is a special cockroach killing product, suitable for indoor places such as family rooms, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc. It has a good control effect on cockroaches (roaches).
1. This product should be placed out of the reach of children to avoid misuse. 2. Wash your hands after use.
3. Do not contaminate food and drinking water during use. 4. This product is highly toxic to silkworms, banned in the silkworm chamber and its vicinity. 5. Disable allergy sufferers. Please consult a doctor in time for any adverse reactions during use.
6. Pregnant women and lactating women are strictly prohibited from contacting this product.
First aid for poisoning:
1. If you accidentally touch the skin or eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention. 2. If there is inhalation, quickly move the patient to a place with fresh air and seek medical attention. 3. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, rinse your mouth and immediately bring the medicine package to the doctor.
Storage and transportation:
1. This product should be placed in a cool, dry and ventilated place in its original packaging. Keep locked to avoid contact with unrelated persons such as children. 2. Do not store and transport with other commodities such as food, beverages, feed, seeds, fertilizers, etc. 3. During handling and transportation, handle gently and never put it upside down. Pay attention to rain and moisture during transportation.
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