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Pride (2.15% imidacloprid RB)

Product specification:5g*50 bags*20 boxes
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Pesticide registration certificate number: WP20100020
Pesticide production license: Pesticide Health (Anhui) 0046
Product standard number: Q/AKSK22
Insect bait
Imidacloprid content: 2.15%
Low toxicity
Product performance (use):
This product is suitable for homes, hotels, hospitals, transportation vehicles, shopping malls, computer rooms and various indoor places; it can be placed in flies and hidden places.
Put this product at a dose of 2 grams per square meter in dry places where flies like to move or inhabit, such as walkways, window sills, near food sources, etc., or use shallow utensils to hold poison bait.
1. Do not contaminate food, tableware and drinking water during use. 2. Toxic to silkworms, please pay attention not to pollute the silkworms when using. It is forbidden in and near the silkworm room. 3. Wash hands after use to avoid contact between pregnant women and lactating women. 4. Disable allergy sufferers. Avoid mistaking. 5. The used packaging should be disposed of properly and cannot be discarded at will. It is forbidden to wash pesticide application equipment in rivers and other waters; bird protection areas are forbidden.
First aid for poisoning:
In case of accidental contact with skin, wash with soap and plenty of water; contact with eyes, rinse with water. There is no special antidote for this product. If you swallow it or have any adverse reactions, please bring the label to the doctor for symptomatic treatment immediately.
Storage and transportation:
1. This product should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated and rainproof place, away from fire. 2. Keep out of reach of children and lock. Do not store and transport with other commodities such as food, beverages, grain, feed, etc. 3. During the transportation process, ensure that the package does not collapse, damage, prevent high temperature exposure and rain.
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