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Chuangweixin (1% amine + 1% dexfenthrin ULV)

Product specification:5L*4 barrels/carton
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Product description
Pesticide registration certificate: WP20180146
Production license number: Pesticide Health Xu (Su) 0140
Product standard number: Q/320114RC052-2020
Total active ingredient content: 2%
Dosage form: ultra-low volume liquid
Low toxicity
Pyrethrin content: 1%
D-Phenothrin content: 1%


Control target

Preparation dosage



Mosquitoes, flies

This product is diluted 10 to 15 times with clear water for mist spray; the liquid medicine is now used for mixing, and it cannot be mixed with strong acid and alkali substances.
Product performance (use):
This product is compounded with pyrethroid hygienic insecticides. It is complementary to lethal and knockdown. It has contact killing and stomach poisoning effects. It can prevent and control indoor mosquitoes and flies in homes, schools, factories, and offices.
1. Please read this label or product manual carefully before use; this product is limited to indoor use. 
2. Please wear protective clothing when applying medicine, wear protective clothing, masks, gloves, eye masks, etc. This product is irritating to the eyes and should be protected. After application, clean the exposed skin in time and change the clothing. After application, thoroughly Wash potentially contaminated utensils. If the treatment site is higher than the top of the head, cover the lower part with plastic cloth or other similar materials for protection. 
3. Before ventilating the treatment area, children, pets or other unprotected persons are prohibited from entering the treatment area. 
4. This product is toxic to silkworms, banned in the silkworm chamber and its vicinity; toxic to fish, be careful not to spray into the fish tank. 
5. The used containers should be disposed of properly, and cannot be used for other purposes, nor can they be discarded at will. 
6. Pregnant women, lactating women and allergy sufferers are prohibited. Please consult a doctor in time for any adverse reactions during use.
First aid for poisoning:
Skin contact: Immediately remove contaminated clothing, rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes; Eye splash: Immediately open the eyelid, rinse with flowing water for at least 15 minutes; Inhalation: Inhale accidentally, immediately move to fresh air; mistake Food: Inadvertently swallowed, immediately bring the label to the doctor for treatment, symptomatic treatment, no specific antidote.
Storage and transportation:
Handle the product with care when handling it, and violent impact, sunlight, heavy pressure, moisture, and waterproof are strictly prohibited. The product should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated and dark place; keep out of reach of children, and locked, and can not be stored and transported together with food, beverages, seeds, grain, feed or flammable and explosive products.
Net content: 1 liter
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