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Talent concept: all rivers run into sea, and the essence of all is gathered.
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Talent concept

Absorb talents with a global perspective, integrate talents with advanced cultural concepts, motivate talents with a scientific management mechanism, and provide talents with opportunities to display their talents. Talents with both ethics and talents are the talent resources that the company really needs to develop. Respect, trust, and care for every employee, and pay attention to the embodiment of employees' personal values. In an atmosphere of living in harmony, respecting and loving each other, helping each other, and sharing happiness, let employees achieve their personal careers, improve the quality of life, and win social respect.

Excellent talents are the basis for achieving the strategic goals of the enterprise and the driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise. Nanjing Rongcheng upholds the concept of "people-oriented career, people-oriented development, opportunity for talents, stage for talents, incentive for talents", and Nanjing Rongcheng has become a gathering place for talents.

On the issue of employment, we must be bold, not only confer responsibility, but also dare to issue the power in our hands, and fully mobilize their enthusiasm. Everyone has different abilities. Finding the right position can sometimes be more effective. If there is no good way to hire people, it will also make the company unable to progress, so the relationship between talents and companies is mutual, and there are no employees. If there is no hard work, there will be no business success, no business success, and no employee success. Nanjing Rongcheng vigorously promotes the talent strategy, the purpose is to make talents useful, create an excellent working environment for employees, and let everyone grow together with the company.

Nanjing Ronch
Nanjing Ronch
Nanjing Ronch

Nanjing Ronch 


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