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She Wuying 10% high chlorine fluoride WP

Product specification:She Wuying (10% high chlorine fluoride WP) 50g*100 bags
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Product description
Pesticide registration certificate number: WP20100043
Pesticide production license number: Pesticide Health Xu (Su) 0140
Product standard number: Q/320114RC020-2020
Active ingredient content: 10%
Dosage form: wettable powder
Low toxicity


Control target



Mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches
Stagnation spray
1. Dilute the product 100-300 times, mix it thoroughly with clear water, and spray it evenly on the mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches (commonly known as cockroaches) infested or inhabited. Apply at low dilution.
2. The product is sold at a dilution of 80. After fully mixed with clean water, it is evenly sprayed on paper, straw rope, and hemp rope. After being dried slightly, it is hung in the backyard of the hotel, chicken and duck house, pig house, cattle and sheep pen. place.
Product performance (use):
This product is processed by the pyrethroid insecticide as the active ingredient. It is widely used in homes, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, military camps, warehouses, breeding farms, garbage dumps and other places to control mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches (commonly known as cockroaches) And other health pests.
1. Please do not scrub the application surface during the period of validity, so as not to affect the efficacy of the drug; 2. Before use, you should drive away from the crowd and livestock, find the packaging easy to tear, open it carefully, prevent the powder from being spilled, and use it with water. Do not mix with alkaline substances. 3. Pay attention to safety protection during use. Wear hats, gloves, masks or face masks to avoid inhalation or contact with the human body. Do not smoke, eat or drink during use. Do not use it on the human body or food. 3. Take off your clothes in time after the application, wash with washing powder and wash the exposed parts of the skin with soapy water. People with allergies, pregnant women and lactating women should stay away from this product and the place of application. 4. This product is toxic to aquatic organisms such as fish, bees and silkworms. During the application, the impact on the surrounding bee colonies should be avoided. The flowering period of nectar crops, silkworm rooms and mulberry gardens are forbidden, and far away from aquaculture areas and river ponds. It is forbidden to wash pesticide application equipment in rivers and other water bodies. 5. The used packaging cannot be discarded at random, and should be properly disposed after collection.
First aid for poisoning:
This product has no special antidote. If it touches the skin or splashes into the eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water, and immediately send to the hospital for symptomatic treatment if unwell; if swallowed, bring the medicine package to the hospital for symptomatic treatment.
Storage and transportation:
This product should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated, and dark place, away from fire or heat; it should be kept out of the reach of children and locked. Please prevent rain and high temperature during transportation. Take care not to damage the packaging. Do not store and transport it together with other commodities such as food, beverages, feed, seeds, and grain.
Net content: 50g   
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